Who wouldn’t want that bulge down there with these Mens Jockstraps?

Well, I would love to have that bulge down there no matter what happens as it makes the personality look good. The collection of mens jockstraps by Pistol Pete is actually the true definition of what support and enhancement are. Well, the butts are certainly revealed for good but the front is so covered and supported that you wouldn’t know that butts are revealed unless you actually see them.

Mens jockstraps

This Pistol Pete men’s jockstrap underwear has an attention-grabbing pouch that elongates to the best making sure your manhood feel comfortable below the belt. The low rise underwear has a waistband that is sturdy and makes sure that it stays in place. On the other hand, the leg bands keep it strong below the butts making them look more appealing. The pouch underwear is definitely is the key attraction for the partner as well as the wearer. The former sees the best and the latter make sure to feel the comfort down there.

93% cotton and 7% spandex is what is responsible for the comfort and the durability of the men’s underwear. The color options available are certainly the best ones.

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