Neon Brights by Bear Skn

“This is what designer Bjorn Ryan-Gorman had visioned for the Neon Brights Collection and we finally got the shoots he was looking for. With additional influence from the gritty 2011 L.A. movie ‘Drive’ with Ryan Gosling.”

Photographers: Bjorn Ryan-Gorman, Nick Weber

Models: Robert Sanchez, Martin Free Ramos, Jody Koenig

A premium addition to the Bear Skn collection and to your wardrobe. The Neon Brights features sustainable Bamboo fabric, that adjusts to your body temperature, is moisture absorbent, and anti-bacterial. All with our signature mesh zone for extra breathability right where you need it most.

Temperature match (cooler in summer, warmer in winter)
Softer than cotton
Antimicrobial properties
Anti-fungal and odor resistant
Eco-Friendly natural fibers
MATERIALS: 95% Bamboo, 5% Elastane, Mesh: 95% Polyester
FABRIC CARE: Machine Wash Cold

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