The latest collection from Nasty Pig has just at Jockstrap Central. It’s slick and it’s modern yet they’re paying their respects to one of our all-time favorite Nasty Pig jocks of years past, the Touchdown Jock. The whole collection of jocks, briefs and matching socks is Nasty Pig doing what Nasty Pig is best at; creating iconic, edgy and hyper-masculine gear for guys who like to play rough. Our new model Seamus fits that bill as he takes the XLR8 out for a spin – it’s nothing short of, well….xlr8ting.

The first thing you notice is the waistband with the iconic pig logo front and center and Nasty Pig in a bold and 3d font on each side. But the best, and this is what accelerates it to the ranks of Nasty Pig’s best is the fabric. Unlike the cotton of it’s predecessor, this one is made from Modal; one of the best modern fabrics out there. It’s ridiculously soft to the touch, maintains it’s color when washed, breathes like cotton and yet it’s tough as nails. And if that weren’t enough, there’s a hint of Spandex to provide the perfect fit.
More to love: Nasty Pig has added extra contrasting ribbing down the center and along the sides of the pouch of both the jock and the brief to really highlight your junk, which is the point, isn’t it? With a masculine one and a half inch wide comfort waistband with cool horizontal micro-stripes as a backdrop to the Nasty Pig iconography that let’s everyone know your true nature.

If that weren’t enough, Nasty Pig XLR8 comes with matching socks. They’re the perfect pair of socks to rock with the XLR8 Jocks and Briefs. Nasty Pig appears not only on the toe but also at the top. What we love the most is that they’re not too long, but long enough so the top Nasty Pig will be visible with your favorite pair of boots or high tops on.

Be sure to check out Jockstrap Central’s latest model Seamus in all the new gear over at their website. He’s Irish, deadly handsome with a killer body – seriously, you won’t be disappointed.

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