Skimpy on your mind? – Vuthy is your next stop

Vuthy Underwear is that underrated men’s underwear brand that never got the importance that it should have. The label has been around for a while but men couldn’t notice how sexy the offerings by the same are. When you think skimpy, the collection by Vuthy would certainly be the one that would make its place in your mind. So much so, that the inventory could be called as men’s panties pampering your assets and caressing the intimate area.


If you take a look at the brand, you would be able to see that Vuthy’s men’s swimwear is equally popular. While the respective collection is made to be absolutely masculine and macho, the underwear range is what makes you skip a heartbeat. In addition to the above-mention, you would be pleased to see that the label brings tank tops and t-shirts for men. You can savor your fetish for camo print and look stunning.


Some features that make the style quite apt for you to adopt them include:

  • The luxurious appeal of the fabric
  • The subtle cum stylish designs to please the eyes
  • The support to the manhood which makes the pouch a must have; and a lot more.

The styles available by Vuthy include men’s bikinis, briefs, boxer briefs, and g-strings. With prints so alluring, you’d want to stop right there admiring the craftsmanship.

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