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Factors for choosing Mens Bikinis for your guy

Since we’re talking about bikinis, it is more relevant to women rather than men themselves; because surely bikinis have been their novelty since decades and have been passed on to men by them. When you want to buy something that appeals to his tastes and also is not very outrageous and explicit; mens bikinis are the best options. The bikinis for men not only bring out the best of them; also accentuates the assets and boosts in the confidence in them.

Let us look at some of the factors one must consider while buying mens bikinis for their man.

Taste matters:

If your guy does not like mens bikinis; he will not wear it. If he’s more of a boxer guy, then you need to think again. But, if he loves to experiment with various styles such as men’s thong underwear or men’s g-strings; he will very well love the way bikinis pamper and caress the assets. Always pay attention to his day-to-day tastes because it is likely that which will make him feel the most at ease around you during those special times.


Mens bikinis are available in a plethora of variety of cuts, fabric compositions, designs, colors and more at gooddevil.com. See what would appeal to his eyes and match his personality before picking up any pair. If you really want to spark things up, then you will want to select something bold and daring. If he is at his hottest when casual, don’t break from the old red bikinis, but make sure you do get something with class and charm that you can enjoy as well. Go for frontal coverage one if you think he’ll be comfortable in them or else you can go wild and free with open pouches.

Mens  Micro Bikini


Bikinis are very well known for the immense support they provide to the manhood. Some guys like their privates to breathe free but others are at their best when they feel the support of the apparel. It stabilizes and offers comfort that is available not only in bed but also at the workplace. Just because the holiday has passed doesn’t mean he can’t still get used out of them. That’s why quality and comfort should always be kept near the front of your mind, even when buying men’s bikinis.


Breathability is an important aspect of any men’s underwear style. Guys are more prone to sweating depending on their genre of work and which leads to chafing and rashes. Hence, it is very important for the fabric to breathe well. However, if you choose the sheer fabric ones, it will breathe well on its own and work as an air conditioner. To be on the safe side go for cotton, nylon or polyester.

Pistol Pete has a plethora of pieces that will not only make him appreciate your choice; he will love the way it looks and feels on his body. So, go on and buy the most appealing and sexy mens bikinis for your guy and make the gifting experience memorable.

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Mens Bikini Underwear variants that you must try

Oh yes!! Summers are upon us and now is the time to finally start gearing up for the much-awaited vacation. What are you going to wear below the belt for summers? Bikini? Which mens bikini underwear style? Will it be low rise bikini underwear for men or string?

Does it all sound like a foreign language to you? Well, men’s bikini underwear is the name of the style which carries a lot of bikini underwear for men variants for the diversified personalities. If you too are looking for something that matches your personality and enhances your sex appeal, you must go on and read the blog to find the one men’s underwear that matches your personality.

String bikini underwear for men

Starting from the skimpiest all the way to the most conventional, string bikinis are the most revealing of them all. Not meant for the fainthearted, the minimal coverage of the respective men’s apparel style tailored for the man who knows his interests. Featuring a string waistband, two triangular shaped fabric panels to cover the groin but the sides are left bare. The respective unmentionables can have minimal to the maximum coverage of a man’s backside.

Mens Bikinis

Low rise mens bikini underwear

Next in queue is the low rise underwear for men which is crafted especially for those who love to sport low waist jeans. This is conventional reasoning but if you take the same into consideration in today’s time, you’d be delighted to sport your chiseled body with the mens bikini underwear. With high sides, the front takes a dip in order to avoid riding up from the trousers. With low waist trousers much in fashion (and they’re here to stay), these pairs can be quite functional and fashionable for you.

Pouch enhancing bikini underwear for men

What can be better than having both – a pleasing personality and the visibility even in the pants with just a pair of respective underwear? That’s exactly what pouch enhancing bikinis for men are made to provide you. The conventional coverage down there with an enhancing pouch designed with inbuilt c-rings or other enhancing contraptions is what you get when you opt for the specific style. Pouch enhancing bikinis can be clubbed with low rise feature as well as are available in conventional coverage.

Brazilian bikinis for men

For personalities who believe less is more, the Brazilian bikinis are an ideal option. With an in between coverage of male thongs and bikinis, the respective style is what holds up the goods in one place as well as reveal for the sex appeal. Featuring a cylindrical pouch in the front, the sides of the masculinity are left bare whereas; the back has minimal fabric to cover more than just the butt crack.

So, which is your kind of mens bikini underwear? The features would be helpful for you to decide your perfect style.

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Invest in sleeker and sexier fit with these Mens Thongs by Pistol Pete

Do you believe that mens thongs are sexy? Well, in case you really think that thongs for men are the sexy underwear for the male population, you need to take a look at the Pistol Pete mens thongs.

Did you like it?

Well, the entire collection of thongs for men by the renowned label Pistol Pete are the bestsellers. On that thought, do you like men in thongs? For some, the men’s underwear style is more of a weird effort in looking pleasing but the ones who love to wear have something completely different thoughts. They just adore the feeling of having mens thongs below the belt.

Mens Thongs

The respective thongs for men are sleek and sexy underwear for men that make sure you look absolutely stunning even in the minimal fabric that the pair has. The smooth fit of the low rise underwear makes a fashionable appeal on your personality. If you’ll be the men in thongs by Pistol Pete, you know that you’ll rock your personality. The passionate red color will certainly be the seductive number for your special occasions with your partner for sure.

The aspects that attract the most include the pouch of the mens thongs and the sleek coverage. The pouch underwear has a front that gives a slight lift to the manhood and keeps its straight on-point. In addition, the skimpiness added by the coverage is icing on the cake sure.

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Who wouldn’t want that bulge down there with these Mens Jockstraps?

Well, I would love to have that bulge down there no matter what happens as it makes the personality look good. The collection of mens jockstraps by Pistol Pete is actually the true definition of what support and enhancement are. Well, the butts are certainly revealed for good but the front is so covered and supported that you wouldn’t know that butts are revealed unless you actually see them.

Mens jockstraps

This Pistol Pete men’s jockstrap underwear has an attention-grabbing pouch that elongates to the best making sure your manhood feel comfortable below the belt. The low rise underwear has a waistband that is sturdy and makes sure that it stays in place. On the other hand, the leg bands keep it strong below the butts making them look more appealing. The pouch underwear is definitely is the key attraction for the partner as well as the wearer. The former sees the best and the latter make sure to feel the comfort down there.

93% cotton and 7% spandex is what is responsible for the comfort and the durability of the men’s underwear. The color options available are certainly the best ones.

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Expect long lasting comfort and support in Pistol Pete Underwear

Are you looking for the ultimate comfort below the belt that lets your manhood breathe better without providing a lot of coverage? Well, Pistol Pete underwear is one of the men’s underwear brands that have come to be quite an intriguing option for the modish male population these days. The collection of mens sexy underwear by Pistol Pete underwear is sexy in a lot of terms. Whether you find the support sexy or the coverage or even the design – the line of Pistol Pete underwear is an amazing investment for your personality.

The line of mens jockstrap underwear is a perfect example of fashion meets function and nobody does it better than Pistol Pete underwear. The image shown is that of Pistol Pete jockstrap underwear for men with an appealing design that catches attention in no time. The minimal fabric coverage makes this mens sexy underwear a must-have for your personality. The oh-so-comfortable appeal is featured in the front with a broad opening on the top of the pouch. The opening allows you to have a sneak peek at the manhood and the cradle-like covering below the manhood holds as well as supports the junk in the best way possible.

Expect long lasting comfort and support in Pistol Pete Underwear

The conventional features of the Pistol Pete underwear include a broad waistband and leg bands that hold their place and perfectly support the package. The masculine appeal of the Pistol Pete underwear is all you need and all you get from the coverage, comfort as well as support that your intimate personality needs. What makes it even better is the cotton spandex combination. Go ahead and find out the pair at pistolpete.com.

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Add sensation below the belt with Pistol Pete Underwear

So, why do you prefer to have Pistol Pete Underwear? Why would you want to go for a pair of Pistol Pete underwear? So, the collection of mens underwear by the label has been proudly offering products that are sporty, sexy and scintillating options. Pistol Pete is one such brand which crafts the hot apparel styles that offer an amalgamation which will be a treat to your eyes and a benefit to your manhood.

The Pistol Pete thong is one pair that gives you an opportunity to be the sexy one in the lot. With a fancy coverage of a mens thong underwear, the sexy underwear features a smooth coverage all through the surface. The low waist fit on the body makes sure that fit looks so sexy. The minimal coverage with a pouch that stands out on the entire Pistol Pete underwear. The solid color throughout makes thongs for men look subtle yet absolutely stunning. With everything so perfect, everything falls in place.

The 89% Nylon 11% Spandex is what you get when you slip into the pair. Check out more such pieces at pistolpete.com. You can trust this Pistol Pete underwear for the luxurious feeling down there.

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Fantastic Bodysuits from Mensuas [by UndieGuy]

Get in to your costumes and play boys! Mensuas.com sent me some exotic bodysuits to slip into. Come take a look.


Sexy Bodysuits ?

Miami Jock Sagacity bodysuit red


Miami Jock Bodysuit Black


Pistol Pete Bodysuit Navy



Watch all the vids: undieguy.online


Follow UndieGuy ?

Twitter: twitter.com/UndieGuy1

FB: www.facebook.com/Undieguy1/

Instagram: UndieGuy1


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Swimwear summer vibes

Hello, my friends, and welcome to my swimwear summer edition review.

August is a great month to take a vacation at the beach and use those pairs of shorts and swimwear you’ve been longing to wear all winter.

Last week, I tested two very different brands and styles and let me tell you, my final look won’t be forgotten anytime soon. On Saturday, I went to the beach with my family; therefore, I picked a more comfortable and conservative style to enjoy some quality time on such a paradise beach. I wore Intymen’s print patchwork shorts, which have a soft touch of polyester and thus, offer a contoured fit and comfortable feel that I definitely loved. The print is absolutely enticing and provides a sexy modern look while keeping it casual because let’s remember… you are wearing shorts. It also has side pockets, which I admit are a must at this point. They are available in different colors, and I think next time, I’ll definitely pick the red ones because they look really stylish.


This brand seems to be focused on bringing comfort and rapid drying while remaining modern and making your body look fit. The shorts are a more expensive option, but absolutely worthwhile.

After lunch, I changed into an absolute hit: the magic colors boxer trunks in navy and green. I think the masculine color combination blends with all sorts of personalities and skin tones. The pouch held and kept my manhood in the right place even while doing physical activity. One of my friends wore the basic jungle boxer trunks and I was a little envious because the print is eye-catching and stylish, but subtle at the same time. I will definitely buy a pair for myself. He told me the fabric hugs you in the right place and moisture-wicking properties keep you dry even while going into the water.


On Saturday, I met with some friends so it was a good opportunity to show off a little bit more. I also wanted to get a tan while enjoying the amazing beach, so I wore Pistol Pete’s black briefs which have a very modern design. The red waist definitely makes all the difference. It’s a great choice if you are looking to stay classy but sassy, and it is also sporty. It’s an image that everyone loves at the beach. Sex appeal is on the rise! Last but not least, I also tried the black swim boxer trunk, which is a great option as it provides a super sexy look by accentuating your figure. It also guarantees a pleasant swimming experience and, to be honest, I love the black and blue combination.


The swimsuit experience with both brands has been great and going to the beach has never been so chic! I had the masculine and sensual look I desired and a wonderful weekend with family and friends. What else could I wish for?

Let me know which is your favorite swimwear and swimsuit from this year’s collection below in our comments!

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Pep up your sporty appeal with Pistol Pete

Pistol Pete Underwear is a sporty men’s underwear brand. If you just thought, that was a statement made, yes it was. The popular apparel brand has been a true companion for men who look forward to a sporty appeal below the belt without compromising with the sexiness that the designs offer. Being in the industry for quite some time, Pistol Pete has been providing men with offerings that have surpassed the expectations of the wearers.

Pistol Pete UnderwearUsing an immeasurable selection of choice and style, Pistol Pete has reached a point where men know that the products offered are comfortable, sexy and inspiring the personality (of the wearer) to be confident. Whether you are looking for apparel to show off, workout or for some special moments, Pistol Pete has something that will work for you. With a collection of menswear styles including briefs, boxer briefs, boxer shorts, bikinis, thongs, g-strings, compression shorts, shapewear, lounge pants, body suits and so much more, the label has fairly covered probably everything that concerns the masculinity.

Pistol Pete UnderwearPistol Pete makes sure that the conventional features are added in the enhancing underwear styles offered at the store with the qualities that make sure that male anatomy is well placed, in the fabric. With features that’ll take you back in the older times including the coverage, the functional fly for easy access, and a broad elastic waistband, you’ll be able to find fabrics like sheer, mesh, and more to keep your body cool while you indulge in sporty activities. Moreover, if you consider the modern incorporation in the pairs, the brand makes sure that they sit low on the waistline, the cuts are higher to keep up the sexiness and the pouch is made to love the manhood with the desired support as well as comfort.

Pistol Pete UnderwearWhat do you love about Pistol Pete??

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