Good Devil

Sheer and hot – this Mens Sexy Underwear is a lot more

Good Devil is one of the most revolutionary men’s underwear and swimwear brand that lets you feel your skin and masculinity in the best possible way. The mens sexy underwear by the label set a new benchmark every time the collection is made available online. The uniqueness and sex appeal provided by Good Devil is unmatched till date and so is the product that I will be talking about.

Sheer and hot - this Mens Sexy Underwear is a lot more

The Good Devil SheerBalls Bikini is one of the most exquisitely sexy underwear for men that offers a visually appealing design. The polka dots fashion trend in the mens sexy underwear was very popular long back and finally, it is coming back and is even available for men’s hot underwear. The respective men’s bikini underwear is made of 92% nylon and 8% spandex for the right stretch and comfort down there.

In terms of design, you’d find a perfect front of the pouch underwear for men that just covers the assets and ample coverage in the rear. However, the sides of the sexy underwear do not cover anything and leave them bare. Well, in that case, the sheer underwear also does not hide everything and gives small hints.

Available in a variety of color combinations in sexy underwear for men, you can find these at

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My favorite underwear brand | by Josh

Hi Friends! Thanks for taking some time to stop by #undiefan to check out our latest review. We’re glad you’re here!

Today I’m excited to share my passion for one of my favorite brands, Good Devil. I’ve been a loyal customer of this brand for years. I’ve come to count on both the quality and the comfort of their products. For me, it’s all about how you want to feel in a pair of undies and what side of yourself you want to show the world. Good Devil allows you to tap into that erotic naughty side with ease. By slipping into a pair of one of their Jock Straps, you instantly feel sexy. Once your skin comes in contact with their lush quality materials, your confidence level soars.

My personal favorite is their mesh fabric. Nothing makes me feel more like a Good Devil than when I’m rocking my mesh jock. If you are on the market to add some new inventory to your undie drawer and you want to try something a little more daring, give Good Devil a whirl. You won’t be disappointed and neither will the lucky gent(s) who get to see you in them. Now go out and rock that jock!


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Ride through the season in your favorite thongs

Men thongs are a special kind of underwear that many men use, even more than you would imagine. Your coworker may be very well using one now and you wouldn’t know because he seeks so comfortable in his own skin. Confidence is key when wearing these special type of undies.

Mensuas has sold thousands of thongs since 1999 and this type of underwear is one of its best sold items. Men thongs cover the front and provide protection and support while leaving you (sometimes) completely free and exposed in the back. A feeling many of our customers totally enjoy. Men using thongs should be careful in choosing the pants to wear them. Imagine using a high-rise man thong with a low-rise pair of jeans; it would definitely not be a good combination, especially when bending over… unless that is the surprise factor you are looking for in special occasions!

Thongs vary in thickness in the back and some measure wider in the back than others. The ones that cover the very least and are just a string are simply G-strings, but the typical thongs will have about half an inch of material coverage in the back. Let’s say it’s just about enough to cover the crack. A good example of modern regular thongs is the Cover Male thong, which is available in full colors such as red, black, blue, turquoise, orange, or white. A more daring option for adventurous men is the Cover Male daringslip thong which is similar but some of its features such as the front mesh make it much more unconventional and appealing to the eye. If you choose the red one, it is definitely an explosive option. Another classic option is DanielAlexander’s slip thong in purple, a color many of our customer choose and these undies make any man look fit and sexy as h*ll. I added it to my wish list for my next purchase. It is the ultimate beach thong that gets all the attention, and it is also really comfortable and provides a smooth tight feeling. Edipous’slip thong in white is also a great pick for those who love to wear classy but sassy white undies and has been reviewed by our customers as the best underwear they’ve ever wore. A definite top pick if you are looking for sexy but modern thongs.


There are also much bolder options of this classic, such as this Good Devil thong which is available in many colors with a solid pattern and it definitely covers the very minimum. This is a good choice for a steamy sexy night. If you want to go full commando in a Good Devill thong, I would suggest buying the Good Devil Free Your Desires slip thong in the combination of royal blue or red and black which has received great reviews by our customers. This brand offers a wide range of options for men who like to take it a step further and fulfill their fantasies.


This season, get ready to get into the thongs vibe and discover a way of life!

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Be the good devil with Good Devil Underwear

What’s the fun in being the boring lad who does all his things in time and makes sure that he’s the nicest boy in town? Being the good devil is the new sexy and you’re going to love how gooood…it is to be bad. To keep up this motto, Good Devil Underwear is an ideal one for you. The men’s underwear has been in the industry for quite some time and has always been that one name for pumping up the adrenaline rush that gives you the boost to do something new.

Good Devil Underwear

The products by the exotic label are made to make you feel super sexy down there. With a collection of styles ranging from the briefs made in sheer fabric, you would be able to find breathtaking designs, scintillating cuts, revealing pouch openings and so much more. Since the brand made its entry in the industry till date, it has been living by the statement that they don’t sell sex but the feeling instead.

Good Devil Underwear

If you take a closer look, you’ll find that the brand has a unique collection of men’s c-string underwear that is commendable in itself. The other best seller collections include thong underwear, men’s g-strings and bikinis by Good Devil. The products available by the brand look scanty but the luxurious feeling, once you’ve stepped into the pair, is beyond your imagination. But, for that feeling, you have to take a step forward and you wouldn’t want to turn back to the conventional styles that make you feel ordinary every single day.

Don’t you believe the words? Take a look at the pieces yourself and be the judge.

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