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Make the best out of your morning jogs with running shorts for men

Running shorts for men appear to be a fairly staple clothing accessory, but there is much more than what meets the eye. The collection of men’s running shorts are the standard choice for morning jogs and run among men around the world. Regardless of the intensity of your morning jog, men’s running shorts are designed to provide you with the maximum freedom to move, sway and stretch. So, whether you like hiking up steep terrains or just a brisk morning walk by the lake, there are running shorts for men perfectly suited according to your needs.

Various styles of men’s running shorts

Variants of the respective mens underwear style depend on many elements and factors which distinguish one from the other, each meeting a specific requirement of its own. These include length, whether they have a lining or a compression layer underneath, what materials are used, and the type of fit.

  • Short length men’s running shorts (three inches)-

These running shorts for men end up high at the high and provide the best air-flow and ventilation to keep your groin dry while you’re running. This variant of men’s running shorts is also preferred by competitive runners because of its breathability. Ideal for both sprinting and long distance jogs or runs including marathon and relay races.

  • Medium length men’s running shorts (five inches)- 

These running shorts for men provide a balance between the aggressive competitiveness of the short and the robustness of the long, medium length shorts giving you the best of both variants. These men’s running shorts are quite popular among runner, hikers and is a versatile men’s running shorts for track and trailing too.

  • Long length men’s running shorts (seven inches)-

Long men’s running shorts are often preferred for shorter distances and are ideal for morning jogs and runs. Due to the long length of this variant of men’s running shorts, it’s easier to go off-road as it provides protection against debris and shrubs. However, it very important to check whether the fabric is heat-resistant or not. Ensuring these things beforehand will avoid the chance of any discomfort or irritation while running. There are moisture-wicking fabrics available which improve ventilation and assist you in providing peak performance. Available with side pockets, storage is easier and you can safely hold your iPod in place listening to your jam while running.

  • Competitive running shorts for men-

Running has become quite a sport these days. Our world has witnessed some of the fastest men alive on earth, and Usain Bolt confirms that. And when you’re entitled as the fastest man on earth, it’s obligatory for you to have your own set of gear which helps you enhance your performance. Such running shorts for men are categorized under competitive and professional men’s running shorts. Most of these competitive men’s running shorts contain an inner lining which helps keep your genitalia secure and comfortable, eliminating the risk of chaffing and discomfort. These running shorts for men are designed to keep your groin ventilated and fresh over long periods of time and distance. Competitive running shorts for men avoid the accumulation of sweat and moisture which can lead to nasty cuts if your genitals happen to rub against it.

There are Split running shorts for men which is a serious choice among professional and serious runners who take part in tournaments and races. Split running shorts for men provide super-lightweight comfort and complete liberty of mobility. And then there are compression running shorts for men which rather acts as an alternative to the inner lining. Compression running shorts for men has less moving parts, which contribute to better blood flow, muscle activation, and optimum comfort. Due to less moving parts, compression men’s running shorts also reduce the risk of chaffing and infection. The absence of rubbing fabrics makes it easier for you to run over long distances with high levels of comfort and support.

But to finish it off, you don’t have to be a professional athlete or Olympic level runner to get the best of your running schedule. You can easily switch to variants of men’s running shorts depending upon your style of running and morning jogs and achieve elevated amounts of pleasure and comfort.

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Ride through the season in your favorite thongs

Men thongs are a special kind of underwear that many men use, even more than you would imagine. Your coworker may be very well using one now and you wouldn’t know because he seeks so comfortable in his own skin. Confidence is key when wearing these special type of undies.

Mensuas has sold thousands of thongs since 1999 and this type of underwear is one of its best sold items. Men thongs cover the front and provide protection and support while leaving you (sometimes) completely free and exposed in the back. A feeling many of our customers totally enjoy. Men using thongs should be careful in choosing the pants to wear them. Imagine using a high-rise man thong with a low-rise pair of jeans; it would definitely not be a good combination, especially when bending over… unless that is the surprise factor you are looking for in special occasions!

Thongs vary in thickness in the back and some measure wider in the back than others. The ones that cover the very least and are just a string are simply G-strings, but the typical thongs will have about half an inch of material coverage in the back. Let’s say it’s just about enough to cover the crack. A good example of modern regular thongs is the Cover Male thong, which is available in full colors such as red, black, blue, turquoise, orange, or white. A more daring option for adventurous men is the Cover Male daringslip thong which is similar but some of its features such as the front mesh make it much more unconventional and appealing to the eye. If you choose the red one, it is definitely an explosive option. Another classic option is DanielAlexander’s slip thong in purple, a color many of our customer choose and these undies make any man look fit and sexy as h*ll. I added it to my wish list for my next purchase. It is the ultimate beach thong that gets all the attention, and it is also really comfortable and provides a smooth tight feeling. Edipous’slip thong in white is also a great pick for those who love to wear classy but sassy white undies and has been reviewed by our customers as the best underwear they’ve ever wore. A definite top pick if you are looking for sexy but modern thongs.


There are also much bolder options of this classic, such as this Good Devil thong which is available in many colors with a solid pattern and it definitely covers the very minimum. This is a good choice for a steamy sexy night. If you want to go full commando in a Good Devill thong, I would suggest buying the Good Devil Free Your Desires slip thong in the combination of royal blue or red and black which has received great reviews by our customers. This brand offers a wide range of options for men who like to take it a step further and fulfill their fantasies.


This season, get ready to get into the thongs vibe and discover a way of life!

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Mensuas’ Top Wear Products

1. Secret Male SMI006 Slip Bikini Black

Secret Male SMI006 Slip Bikini Black














2. Daniel Alexander DAK028 Micro Thong Purple

Daniel Alexander DAK028 Micro Thong Purple














3. Cover Male CMI022 Bikini Navy

Cover Male CMI022 Bikini Navy














4. Daniel Alexander DA510 Risky Boxer Navy
















5. IntymenGypsy Boxer Trunk Print

Intymen ING037 Gypsy Boxer Trunk Print

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No strings attached undies

Hello my friends and welcome back to my summer reviews: underwear edition. This week, I am going to talk about two of my favorite brands and their newest collections. As an undies fan, I am sure you already know that CoverMale and SecretMale are two of the highest-quality underwear brands in the market.
The sophistication and class that CoverMale underwear offers make me feel like I have never looked sexier. This unique intimate line is inspired by men who want to indulge in their passion for underwear. But let’s make it clear that I am not talking about any type of underwear; I am talking about high-level sexy as hell undies. I usually pick this brand because it showcases a mixture of raw masculinity with class and elegance in all of its collections. I particularly want to talk about their G-string collection because it is an all-time favorite for those who are willing to let go and enjoy their ultimate fantasies. I absolutely love the design and the sheer touch and the modern look mixed with sexiness and animal attraction. Their new 2018 collection has definitely knocked it out of the park. I am also obsessed with their black and red G-string and the thongs are totally stunning and feature a small pouch that covers the front and showing the sides and the back. This brand features modern and revealing pieces that bring attention to all the right places. I feel totally luxurious wearing them.
On the other hand, Secret Male is the ultimate cutting edge brand for adventurous men who want to feel comfortable in their own skin and who are not afraid to show off and feel empowered. I usually think of their products as ego-boosting. They offer limited editions occasionally, and I specially enjoy their thongs and bikinis because they provide unique designs. I recommend this brand to men who really think out of the box and like to indulge themselves and use sexy bold underwear. I will be definitely be riding through the upcoming fall season in some of their fashion pieces. I mean…have you checked their black slip bikini and their printed thongs? This new collection is audacious!
I’d love it if you shared your favorite undies and get inspired by how other people style them with the hashtags #CoverMale and #SecretMale
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TOP 10 Mensuas

These are the Mensuas’s top-wear products!

1⃣ Intymen INT6172 Ultra Brief White 2⃣ Agacio AG6853 Desert Brief Grey
3⃣ Mensuas MN5917 Tropical Attitude Boxer 4⃣ Otzi OTG012 Boxer Trunk White/Royal Blue
5⃣ Agacio AG5806 Sunset Boxer Navy/Grey 6⃣ Cover Male CMJ018 USA Flag Bikini Brief Print
7⃣ Kyle KLK003 Thong Red/Black 8⃣ Hung HGL002 Micro G-string White
9⃣ Cover Male CM113 Cheek Boxer Camo ? Cover Male CMI024 Bikini Black
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TOP 10 Mensuas

These are the Mensuas’s top-wear products!


1⃣ Daniel Alexander DA800 G-String Black 2⃣ Daniel Alexander DAL016 Micro G-String Black 
3⃣ Kyle KLK003 Thong Red/Black 4⃣ Secret Male SMI006 Slip Bikini Black
5⃣ Daniel Alexander DA780 Thong Navy 6⃣ Daniel Alexander DAK029 Micro Thong Black
7⃣ Hung HGL002 Micro G-string White 8⃣ Agacio AGK006 Micro Thong Black
9⃣ Cover Male CMI022 Bikini Navy ? Daniel Alexander DA771 Protrude Pouch Thong Black
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Underwear Product Reviewed: Cover Male Brief White

About the Product:  The brief is the most basic of men’s underwear available on the market. Ultimately the main benefit this brief is that it provides support and keeps everything together nicely in the jock area for a man. This brief is made 85.89% of Nylon and 14.11% of Spandex which makes it really comfortable and this classic cut, with the addition of the visible seam in dark blue, is one of the top picks for everyday underwear.

Even if my personal favorite is timeless spotless white, it is also available in black, royal blue, and grey. Black and white undies are definitely here to stay.

What we like: these briefs are made to show off some of our top undies to play it lazy and they are also guaranteed to never go out of style. Its classic design keeps things simple and provides a clean-cut look. The best part is, this type of underwear can transition perfectly from your daytime to your hot night needs.

What we don’t like: even if Cover Male always offers the best fancy tightly whities, these briefs might seem a bit simple to some guys with more extravagant tastes. Anyway, don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty of modern style and appeal here too!

When we’d wear them:  Men usually prefer briefs for everyday life since they provide the most support and freedom of motion. These briefs are a great pick for your go-to pair of underwear. Smooth, sleek and full of pleasure.

Who we’d recommend them to: It’s ideal for the modern classic man in us all.

How would I describe it? Maximum comfort. Classic with a sexy touch style. Full support. Top of the line quality and design.

A few extra awesome benefits to have in mind: Mensuas offers shipping all over the world, a 365 days easy return policy, discreet packaging and multiple payment options.

For more information on this brand check out Cover Male hot new arrivals at Mensuas and Skiviez.

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Go from modestly sexy to exotic with Cover Male

It has been almost 6 years that Cover Male was introduced with a bang in the men’s underwear industry. Men went gaga about the range of colors it had to offer and the sudden surge of handsome to peppy colors covered the assets for good. That’s not it!! The range covered the various needs of the male anatomy as well as the personalities that owned Cover Male Underwear.

Cover Male Underwear

The brand was introduced as the affordable and more importantly comfortable option for men who desired to try their hand at sexy underwear styles. With the first thing that every lay man needed while trying a thong underwear or jockstrap for the first time, the brand offers it with best of its ability. Moreover, there’s a lot more than the just the basic of these styles and more. With the collection offering the fancy tighty whiteys, boxer briefs, the collection goes all the way to g-strings and sheer underwear for the adventurous personalities.

Cover Male Underwear

Have you ever experienced it before? If you haven’t it is the right time to do the same because there’s a lot more than just the colors to stock up when it comes to the respective brand. The brand invests a lot of sheer panels, net, strings and straps in their products to make things go from the modestly sexy to exotic ones that bring the best of you to the forefront. Not only this! The collection of men’s swimwear by Cover Male is also worth the effort.

Cover Male Underwear

You won’t figure out the feeling unless you try them on yourself and find out the products here.

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