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Straight from Sweden, Kim Denzler’s line of sophisticated underwear combines comfort, personality and quality into classy yet playful trunks. The basis for each pair is smart engineering that ensures the perfect fit and eliminates unpleasant fabric shifting. Since the underwear stays put, each pair offers unparalleled comfort making you forget you even have them on. Now that the basic fit and feel is out of the way, Kim Denzler adds personality to the underwear with a clean and clear style. By using a unique construction and color language, the trunks are perfect for the modern man who searches for a first class product that gives room for your individual style. And to top it all off, the line uses the finest cotton to ensure durability and quality. Kim Denzler underwear is made to be washed over and over without loosing shape. All together, these three points illustrate the care and craft that goes into constructing underwear that will make you want to throw your old, tired pairs out in favor of new Scandinavian showstoppers.

UNDIEFAN_classic white

For Scandinavian design customers says that follow comfort and functionality. Is it the same with wears brands?
Yes, absolutely. Most Scandinavian brands do wearable fashion. This approach applies for Kim Denzler as well (100%). I have always placed fit and comfort as KEY, but without ever compromise the actual look of the undergarments; this is what great design is all about. A pair of Kim Denzler should provide comfort all day every day, there must be no issues what so ever regarding this but you still have to feel sexy and or dapper in them.

When you launched brand Kim Denzler? As far as I know you was a fashion model too.
Well it’s a long story but in short… Yes, I use to work as a fashion model for some years back in the early 2000, but I never really liked it that much. I wanted to express myself, not only through my looks. I wanted to make an impression, affection people somehow… Since I already knew the fashion industry and also always have had a huge interest in creating, a fashion brand of my own sounded like the perfect plan. So I moved back to Sweden in 2004 and were accepted at the prestigious school of Textile Science in Borås, Sweden. When I graduated in 2008 I immediately started building a dream “my own brand” without any money or real networks for either production and or sales but with a super strong determination to achieve my goals, and some 6 years later I´m almost there. The road has been long and I have sacrificed a lot but I’m still very happy that I’ve done it even tho I would not want to do it again (smile).

It’s very important to give personal touch in designing. That is also a part of wasabi concept. Perfect imperfection. How much does it reflex on you?
I´m very happy that you “feel” this personal touch in Kim Denzler. For me as a designer and human being the personal touch is key. I don’t just do underwear’s I want to communicate and of course not by stating the obvious that in best case scenario leads to a status quo. I want to make some change, move forward, learn and explore. That’s why I named our “campaign” or our main-colour for that year, just Wasabi Mint. I mean who does that and what does it mean, taste or feel like? To communicate you first have to feel and reflect and I believe that “Wasabi Mint” opens the mind to that much needed reflection… In addition to this it´s also just a pretty cool name, right?


I found one of your statement in which you say: “good underwear is not rocket science, its just good design.” I agree with you. Simplicity is the key?
Well, as I said earlier. For me, fit is key but I would never compromise the look or feel of the product to achieve that perfect fit. I aim to combined them all and call this the concept of Simplicity Complete. But as you know the simplest design is almost always the hardest, that´s why I spent 3 years in production development just for this one style, because that my duty, not only to myself but most and foremost to the Kim Denzler customer.

Maybe this is not the most important thing when it comes to comfort, but the colors that you used in your design are superbly beautiful. The colors contribute to the excitement, right?
Oh, thanks! Well colors give an extra dimension to all of life this applies for underwear’s as well. Since Kim Denzler “over all” is a pretty clean and stylish brand, not using tacky prints as an easy way to stand out, we do need some colors. This is a part of our profile, that colors scheme of “tone-in-tone” I mean. I also would like to state that all our different colors also apply for the waist-band which is pretty rare if you look at the market in general. When you produce underwears you have a minimum order in waistband per colour that is pretty high. Thats why brands for example use the same colored waistband adding different fabrics to create one more style. This is not the Kim Denzler way, we want unique pieces that all reaches their full potential even tho this means higher costs, a price I’m willing to pay 7 days a week.

How big is your team, and where do you personaly find inspiration?
Well, it´s a pretty small team of 3 just turning 4. I´m all over the place since I´m not only founder and head of design but also CEO, buyer, sales- and PR-manager. In addition to my efforts we have one guy managing the website and another one that’s responsible for distribution and customer care. The last to join our team is an investor and successful media-entrepreneur. He has not only provided that extra needed money but also acts as my mentor and coach, which is helping me a lot, focusing on doing the right things at the right time. Inspiration is found in every-day life but nature is probably the single most important inspiration for me, especially the ocean and the western coast-line of Sweden. I love nature since evolution is the master of design. This is why time is a key-point for my design philosophy, you should not rush design, it´s a process that’s need time, just like evolution.

What I like is the natural and vintage perspective in your work. Combination of retro and modern approach?
You are spot on. I have always been into those vintage reference while always looking forward creating a modern or even better, perhaps timeless design. Anyway, that´s what I aim for.

Which designers (fashion or otherwise) directly influence your aesthetic?
To be honest, I do not look so much on other designers work. Well, of course sometime I do and there are a few designer that I really like, most of which are Swedish actually, Acne is one of my favorites brand from Sweden but I also like Damir Doma based in Paris, since he design with a lot of earthy and organic vibes that I really appreciates.

UNDIEFAN_racer green

What do you hope your design communicate to the wearer?
Effortless with a personality.

I assume you already working on a new collection?
That´s true, but first of all we’ll launch a new color-drop later this spring which I’m really excited about. For FW’15 I’m working on a new style without saying too much. When looking forward into the future I hope to do some even more dapper creations, but still focusing on underwear’s for at least 2-3 more years. As I said before, I really want all my pieces of garment to reach are full potential and that take some time.

Where’s your favorite place to work?
I do not have a fixed office so I usually set up an “guerrilla-office” in some nice hotel lounge. This gives me some inspiration but also a deep calm that takes me to that great work-mode. I do not really no why, perhaps cause you feel life happening all around you but in a slow steady pace, people arriving while others are just about to check out and leave..?

How would you describe your life creativity?
Well, my life is pretty simple. I´m single, do not own that much stuff even tho I´m +30 years of age. I guess I just prefer a mobile life, moving somewhat often, changing environment, meeting new faces. This gives me energy and inspiration! But I also have another, calmer side to my personality which is equal important and has to be nurtured. For this side of my personality I have to come closer to family and nature. I usually go out fishing on the open sea by myself and then coming back to my family giving them my love through cooking dinner. I just love cooking, it´s really a passion of mine and perhaps the best art form there is, handle all the elements of life while trying to create that perfect blend of flavor.

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