Invest in Secret Male Underwear for the lingerie feeling

If you haven’t yet tried mens lingerie, after you see the collection of Secret Male underwear – you’d change your decision. Secret Male underwear has been in the industry for not more than 2 years and the men’s underwear brand has gained all the attention that is deserved by the name. The line of mens lingerie by Secret Male underwear has numerous options which will appeal your taste buds and make your personality goes all the way.

This g-string underwear for men by Secret Male underwear is a must-have for men who like to keep it minimal as well as sensuous down there. The low waist fit of the dual-strings design keeps it so sexy on the chiseled body. The next best attraction is the cylindrical pouch with a blend of lace and solid fabric coverage. The minimal coverage provides all the support that your male anatomy needs for a comfortable feeling. On the other side, the back features a patch of solid fabric that attaches the strings and it diminishes between the butt cracks. The butt flaps make sure that they look bouncy and plump with no fabric at all.

With 90.67% of nylon and 9.33% spandex, you know that there’s a lot of stretch and comfort below the belt. Choose from the numerous color combinations in Secret Male underwear available for you at Skiviez.

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