Factors for choosing Mens Bikinis for your guy

Since we’re talking about bikinis, it is more relevant to women rather than men themselves; because surely bikinis have been their novelty since decades and have been passed on to men by them. When you want to buy something that appeals to his tastes and also is not very outrageous and explicit; mens bikinis are the best options. The bikinis for men not only bring out the best of them; also accentuates the assets and boosts in the confidence in them.

Let us look at some of the factors one must consider while buying mens bikinis for their man.

Taste matters:

If your guy does not like mens bikinis; he will not wear it. If he’s more of a boxer guy, then you need to think again. But, if he loves to experiment with various styles such as men’s thong underwear or men’s g-strings; he will very well love the way bikinis pamper and caress the assets. Always pay attention to his day-to-day tastes because it is likely that which will make him feel the most at ease around you during those special times.


Mens bikinis are available in a plethora of variety of cuts, fabric compositions, designs, colors and more at gooddevil.com. See what would appeal to his eyes and match his personality before picking up any pair. If you really want to spark things up, then you will want to select something bold and daring. If he is at his hottest when casual, don’t break from the old red bikinis, but make sure you do get something with class and charm that you can enjoy as well. Go for frontal coverage one if you think he’ll be comfortable in them or else you can go wild and free with open pouches.

Mens  Micro Bikini


Bikinis are very well known for the immense support they provide to the manhood. Some guys like their privates to breathe free but others are at their best when they feel the support of the apparel. It stabilizes and offers comfort that is available not only in bed but also at the workplace. Just because the holiday has passed doesn’t mean he can’t still get used out of them. That’s why quality and comfort should always be kept near the front of your mind, even when buying men’s bikinis.


Breathability is an important aspect of any men’s underwear style. Guys are more prone to sweating depending on their genre of work and which leads to chafing and rashes. Hence, it is very important for the fabric to breathe well. However, if you choose the sheer fabric ones, it will breathe well on its own and work as an air conditioner. To be on the safe side go for cotton, nylon or polyester.

Pistol Pete has a plethora of pieces that will not only make him appreciate your choice; he will love the way it looks and feels on his body. So, go on and buy the most appealing and sexy mens bikinis for your guy and make the gifting experience memorable.

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