Do’s and Don’t of men’s Jockstrap

Jockstraps (jock, strap, cup or supporter ) is a type of men’s underwear that is mostly used for protecting the testes and penis. Whether you are cycling, gyming, performing vigorous physical activity, wearing men’s jockstrap underwear is important. Jockstraps for men have two elastic straps that are fixed to the base of the pouch from which one goes on the left side and other on the right side of butts. The pouch in the front holds and protects the male testicles and penis from getting injured.

How were they born? 

They were designed by C.F. Bennett of a Chicago sporting Goods Company in 1874. It was designed for bicycle riders and delivery men and not for the common men so that they can stay in comfort while riding a bicycle. Later on, it became famous among people. Today jockstrap underwear is worn by adolescent and adult men during sports, weightlifting, medical purposes You must be amazed to know that this style is highly popular among gay and bisexual men.

Did I just reveal the secret?

The traditional jocks and current jockstraps are different. From fabric to pouch nothing looks similar. Traditional jocks were made from ribbed nylon or cotton and were mostly available in white, no other colors whereas fashionable jockstraps are available in a variety of colors, fabrics these days. These are mostly soft and breathable by nature but make sure you don’t wear them while playing sports. For that, you need to wear athletic straps. Bamboo and Modal fabrics are perfect for fashion jocks due to their soft and moisture-wicking features. The pouch of fashionable jocks is not designed for giving protection (although it does protect the genitals but not like traditional ones).

The waistband of traditional jocks was very thick that seemed to reach almost the belly button. Today you have a lot of choices even in the waistband category and whenever you choose waistband make sure it’s soft and have compression elastic that holds firm without cutting your skin. The cut of traditional jocks use to leave the backside completely exposed and no other choice was left for them but nowadays there is N number of choices in a single category. You can look for jock briefs, Bar back jock. V back and even jock thongs. All you need to do is make a choice. 
Wearing jockstrap is not a compulsion but if you want to stay protected from a groin injury and want to enjoy so many features you can look for them.

Mens Jockstrap Underwear
Mens Jockstrap Underwear

So when you have decided to make them a part of your underwear routine, note down some of it’s do’s and don’t for a better future.


1. Appropriate fitting

Fitting is the most important criteria for good underwear because men’s underwear is not like a t-shirt of trousers if bought loose will work. Always consider waist size and pouch comfort in cups. Make sure that it’s tight enough to hold the penis and testicles and uplift the package beautifully. Avoid extremely tight straps( another name for jockstraps) as it can cause chafing and jock itch. One can look for different styles from Erogenos. You can even look for jock thongs, Jock briefs.

2. Look for protection and comfort

Whenever you purchase jockstraps for men to be 100% about protection and comfort. Try again and again till the time you get satisfied and then purchase after all precaution is always better than cure.

3. Choose according to sports

It could be dangerous to play high impact sp[orts with athletic jockstraps as it can lead to internal bleeding and rupture. Mostly they are worn by a football player, hockey player, soccer and baseball players and each sport requires a different type of jockstrap. Football more play wears a men’s jock that has a thick waistband or moisture-wicking fabric and so on so always choose according to the occasion.

4. Wear them as a regularly

This option is for those men who are comfortable with this style because jockstraps for men might look simple but you don’t need to get comfortable in just one go. It might take some time. If you are not getting ease in that, stay in touch with briefs.

5. Choose your cup

The biggest benefit of jocks is that you can look for a cup as per your needs. If you are clear with it, it’s great, if still confused consider these:
1.Cups that have cushioned edges are great because the hard edge cup will just transfer the force of the blow to the pelvic area. also, the soft edge provides a cushioning during impact.
2.Titanium cup is considered for fast-moving sports like lacrosse or baseball.

Don’t :

1. No fashionable jocks for sports:

When it’s about sports, fashionable jockstraps for men is a waste of money because sports require athletic jocks and fashion jocks are only meant for pleasure, not for providing that much level of protection as they are not designed in that way.

2. No more wrong fabric choices

Be careful when it’s about choosing a fabric. one should look for fabric as per the weather and needs, nylon jockstrap’s are great for gyming. For everyday wear cotton is recommended as synthetic will trap moisture that can lead to discomfort and chafing in warm and humid conditions. Removing stains from cotton is much easier.

3. Don’t get influenced by people

One should buy men’s jocks for themselves only if they feel comfortable in it because it’s not meant for shy and hesitant people. Jockstraps for men require a sense of confidence and attitude and when both of them are lacking, how will you justify them?

Wearing a jockstrap for workout is personal preference but it’s a good idea to wear one during any activity where you find there is a risk of getting injured internally includes If you’re not sure whether you need a jockstrap, consult a coach, a personal trainer, or a doctor. 

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