2wink Australia Launches Cockatoo Bikini Briefs

Strut your feathers guys, Aussie brank 2wink just launched a new range of sexy bikini briefs “Cockatoo”

The black Cockatoo is a native Australian bird known for it’s stunning good looks. 2wink show off their new bikini brief with local Queensland boy Hartley and shot by photographer Russell Fleming. The bikini brief is made from a blend of cotton spandex and centered in white the 2wink logo. “It’s a simple yet seductive design which works wonders, the attention is drawn to the front pouch and from the rear your bum checks are just slightly exposed.” Says 2wink co-owner Damian Greco.

The bikini briefs retails for around $19.95 AUD (free worldwide shipping), and are available exclusively online at www.2wink.com.au.

For more information about 2wink Australia, please visit www.2wink.com.au. To keep on top of special promotions and news updates you can follow 2wink Australia on facebook and on Twitter at @2wink.

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